A new wellbeing and lifestyle platform for the legal sector

“The alliance, then the Northern Legal Alliance, was created as a much needed support network in the extremely challenging times of the pandemic. As we now celebrate our second birthday since going National, the legal services market has only continued to create further challenges for law firms in a fast changing world.

Now we want to take our support to the next level with the creation of metier legal lifestyle protect that will help you to look after your most important asset – people!

We created metier9 to help our law firm Members to attract new staff, and to do this without huge fees, but retaining employees is just as important in growing any successful business.

There may be many suppliers that try tackle the above issues but metier legal lifestyle protect is a completely new concept and service to take this support to the next level for the legal sector.

We want to help everyone at a law firm, from the owners to the critical support staff, to be both happy and healthy in their work and throughout their lives. We want to protect you and then help your lifestyle to flourish!”

Mick Eardley, Sales and Marketing Director of National Legal Alliance.